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Child Safety Solutions

Safety is a serious consideration if you have children, as cords on window treatments can contribute to fatal accidents. The following options are recommended for safety solutions.

Motorized window treatments

Cordless window treatments

Retractable cord mechanism

Continues cord mechanism that is attached to the wall

Achieving Complete Darkness

For room darkening solutions, the most recommended window treatments are:

Opaque cellular shades

Room darkening roller shades with side and bottom channels, along with a facia

Roman shades with blackout lining

Drapes with blackout lining, installed to the ceiling, and or combined with a cornice or valance

Large Windows/Doors Solutions

The following window treatments are known to operate well with large doors or windows:


Luminette shades

Vertical cellular shades

Roller shades

Vertical blinds

Window Treatment Solutions For Humid Places

Since wood or metal window treatments are eventually effected by humidity conditions, they are generally not recommended. The best practical solutions for high humidity places are:

Vinyl shutters

Faux wood blinds

Roller shades

Windows That Open From The Top

In some cases the top portion of the window needs to remain exposed due to the functionality of the window, or if an air conditioning system is installed on the top portion of the window. It is most recommended to get the top down option when ordering window treatments for these specific windows.

Solutions For Specialty Shaped Windows

In today’s modern architecture and design, window shapes have changed. it is therefore more common to see specialty shapes in windows. Several window treatments are suited for specialty shapes:

Honeycomb shades

Silhouette shades

Wood blinds

Fabric shades

Solutions For Long Windows

Long windows pose a challenge as they are hard to reach. If your windows are long it is best to avoid window treatments that are heavy due to functionality. Motorized window coverings are most recommended for hard to reach and long windows as they are easily operated, and are available in most window treatments.

Achieving Privacy And Maintaining Natural Light

The following window treatments are recommended for maintaining natural light and achieving privacy:

Trio shades

Silhouette shades

Luminette shades

Cellular shades

Solutions For Center Stacking Windows

When your windows open to the center of the frame, the most recommended window treatments are those that are available with center stacking option. Such window coverings are draperies, vertical honey comb shades, and vertical blinds.

Energy Efficient Solutions

Heat escapes through the window in the cold winter, and enters through the window in the hot summer days. Energy efficient window treatments may help make your home more comfortable year round, and help reduce your energy consumption. The most energy efficient window treatments are the honeycomb shades. Roller / solar shades are also known for their ability to control the sun’s heat and help reduce cooling costs.

Sound Absorption Solutions

Fabric window treatments absorb sounds, improving your room’s acoustics, and cut down on the intensity of unwanted sounds. The most effective window treatments in sound absorption are the honeycomb shades as the cellular design helps absorb sound, therefore controlling unwanted noise. Trio shades and blackout draperies are also known for their abilities in reducing noise.

Skylight Solutions

Skylights are wonderful for natural light, however can sometimes overheat the room due to too much direct sunlight. Cellular shades and solar roman shades are recommended for skylights as they help control the sun’s heat and allow for natural light to enter the room.

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