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Silhouette® is the only window treatment that offers you so much control over light. Since light is a major part in any home décor and design, this shade allows you to style your room without making any sacrifices; you can have it all with this window treatment, both light control and privacy. The soft fabric vanes are suspended between two sheer panels. This allows you to create an endless variety of moods. You are able to tilt the vanes to let in the precise amount of light you desire, fully open the vanes, with no visible cords to interrupt your view or limit the light, and fully close the vanes to shut out the view and dim the light.

Silhouette® shadings come in three vane sizes two-inch, three-inch, or four-inch vanes, with a variety of fabrics and textures that range from semi-sheer to light dimming, and with a wide range of colors.

Silhouett Shades Can Be Ordered With These Options:

2" vane size

3" vane size

4" vane size


Top down bottom up

Continuous cord mechanism

Retractable cord mechanism

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